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Think Beyond is an organisation passionate about collaborating, challenging and creating to meet your future leadership needs.

We work globally and locally, connecting through face-to-face contact and with web 2.0 tools to grow leadership for the future.

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Latest in Leadership

School Governance Needs to Change

August 6, 2017

Over the last six months I have not posted a blog but I have been doing a lot of thinking...and been deeply involved...in the practice of school governance. There has been a great deal of talk about schools needing to change, but little of this has discussed implications for the governance of schools and what additional skillsets might be needed in order for schools to be future focused. Read blog post >

The Trump Effect

January 22, 2017

The inauguration of Donald Trump has led to a flurry of commentary, unease and fear. It's hard to separate the truth from the spin. I've been reflecting on The Trump Effect - the arousal of people whose voices seem unheard. That's how he got into power, and that is why there have been demonstrations as he takes control of the United States of America. Will the USA become the DSA (Divided States of America?) Read blog post >

Collaboration with Robots

January 8, 2017

Interviewing people about collaboration in today's world has been fascinating. At the same time I have been wondering what the future of collaboration might look like as robots start to integrate more with humans. What does collaboration with robots look like? What are the possibilities? What are the implications for leaders? Read blog post >

Exponential Change: Prepare for Disruption

December 7, 2016

Exponential change, exponential technologies, exponential this and that....the latest buzz words to hit the world of business. So is it just hype? Having spent three days at the SingularityU New Zealand Summit recently I think exponential thinking is increasingly important.  The rapid pace of technological change isn't just about acceleration. It's also about convergence and recombining, which has the effect of amplifying change. It's disruptive. Read blog post >