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Entrepreneurs at 50

November 10, 2016

Exponential technologies are having an increasing affect on the world of work. It is more common to have 3-4 generations in the workforce where typically two were dominant. In this changing work environment there is an increasing need to value multiple ages of thinking and to expect people of 50 and beyond to contribute as partners in innovation. Don't be fooled in calling this age group olderpreneurs. Many are percolating new ideas and have no plans for retirement. Retirement is such an old way of thinking. Welcome to the Experienced Economy. Read blog post >

Leading Collaboration

May 10, 2016

Over the last two years I have been interviewing leaders about their collaborative practices. These leaders come from many different organisations but have the common bond of collaborating in post-earthquake Christchurch. From the interviews, I have identified five characteristics and three mindframes that seem necessary to lead, and to contribute effectively, to collaboration. Leading collaboration, what really matters? Read blog post >

Collaboration: Education and Work

April 27, 2016

A guest blogpost by Peter Townsend, Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce This discussion about collaboration, collaboration between schools, and employers, and workplaces is not only timely and fascinating, it is also hugely important for the thousands of young New Zealanders – and to the nation’s economic and social future. Frankly, it’s a discussion that needs to take place in virtually every department, in every school, in every community, and in every city and region. The challenge for education leaders, administrators, development offices, careers advisors, teachers, and those in charge of external or community relationships lies back at home – keeping the ideal of collaboration on colleagues’, communities’, and students’ minds every day. Read blog post >

Leaders of the Future

March 7, 2016

Leaders of the future will need to remix their capabilities, pivot like never before and embrace new relationships. Why? Because we are experiencing an exponential growth of knowledge; the explosion of technologies such as artificial intelligence and the increased capabilities of virtual and online experience; a concern for the widening equity gap; and the increased diversification of our workforces. How do we attract and keep talent? How do we keep an outwards mindset while still working in today's world?

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