Community Involvement

At Think Beyond we are passionate about working with communities to foster and develop leadership skills. We contribute to community projects aimed at improving the quality of education and leadership in New Zealand and around the world.

Rata Teachers' Support

Rata Teacher’s Support is a trust committed to encouraging, equipping and inspiring untrained teachers in developing countries.This involves mentoring teachers who have no formal educational training. The programme started in Cape Town, South Africa, and has since extended to schools in Ghana, Tanzania and India.


By giving untrained teachers the skills to run an effective classroom and implement quality learning programmes, we are able to assist them in giving their students the best possible chance of breaking the poverty cycle. Think Beyond is proud to support Rata; to learn alongside amazing people from many different backgrounds; and to see teachers develop significantly improved confidence in their abilities as leaders and educators. It reminds us of the power of education to make a difference.

If you know of New Zealand educators who are interested in finding out more please direct them to this link, or to