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Leaders of the future will need to remix their capabilities, pivot like never before and embrace new relationships. Why? Because we are experiencing an exponential growth of knowledge; the explosion of technologies such as artificial intelligence and the increased capabilities of virtual and online experience; a concern for the widening equity gap; and the increased diversification of our workforces. How do we attract and keep talent? How do we keep an outwards mindset while still working in today’s world?

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Strategic ThinkingIn an increasingly disrupted world, leaders need to be agile and adaptive. Strategic thinking must be embedded in the culture of organisations, with an ‘open all hours’ attitude. Strategic planning is no longer enough, and is only a focus towards of the strategic development process.

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The WordThe "Bald" and the beautiful....

3d printing.  It has become one of the buzz words of 2013.  It has been described as the next big disruption. This series of blog posts will explore 3d printing in more detail, particularly in terms of its links with leadership for the future. What is it a signal of? How should leaders respond?

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The Ministry of Education has just launched its website for Shaping Education in Christchurch, New Zealand, following the earthquakes that have devastated the area over the last year. The website is a really positive step, however it does need creative and innovative thinking to lead to the changes needed. So let everyone know that they should have a say and that they should check out the links that are provided on the site. Read blog post >

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