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Collaboration, a global imperative in an increasingly complex world. That doesn’t mean it is always easy…or necessary. My ongoing research in this area has looked at what works in many different organisations. This post shares some of the ways in which collaboration in schools can be enhanced, presented as an infographic and expanded further below.

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Last night I had the privilege of talking with a group of parents about the sort of education they wanted for their children and future generations. One of the recurring themes was the importance of being able to connect globally. This is about developing personal and professional networks of all ages across many places. Their thinking was that if people had more opportunity to interact with different people they may become more tolerant and more culturally intelligent.

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Time and time again the importance of dialogue is reinforced as an important tool for future leadership. It is dialogue that aids understanding and helps people to connect with others in the organisation and beyond. The following video provides a good example of this in practice.

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The Global Technology Report 2012 provides a comprehensive assessment of the preparedness of economies to leverage the networked economy. In reading the report, I reflected on the relationship between its findings and the the growing importance of networked leadership. In an increasingly global environment leaders do need to be connected and to be contextually aware. Read blog post >

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My thinking for 2012 is very much focused on ‘future leadership’ trends. Of course there are some aspects of leadership that remain just as important. But I’m particularly interested in what I see as the emerging patterns, weak signals and new expectations. The following themes seem to be dominant: Read blog post >

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