Impact Collaboration



Dr Cheryl Doig is currently curating a book on collaboration, with input from around the globe.

The book aims to:
  • Provide information, stories, themes and lessons learnt about successful collaboration to organisations globally.
  • Celebrate Christchurch as a city ‘where talent wants to live’ and collaboration thrives.
  • Provide practical ideas for organisations wanting to collaborate but not knowing where to start.
  • Explore collaboration as a key trend for the future survival of organisations.

The target audience is businesses, community groups and educational institutions globally, that recognise the imperative to collaborate but don’t know where to start.


Cheryl lives in Christchurch, New Zealand, where major earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 have continued to impact on the lives of its citizens. Within this landscape collaboration has taken on new forms leading to many emerging opportunities as the renewal process unfolds. Concurrently, global trends indicate that collaboration has become an increasingly desirable in a networked and complex world.

Beyond the buzz and hype, what are the lessons to be learnt from the impact of the quakes? What can we learn from local and global examples of collaboration where diversity is key, ‘better’ outcomes are achieved and transformations happen?

The Emerging Book Design

The book is divided into three main sections:

  1. What makes great collaboration? This section focuses on some of the literature on collaboration, including research, publications, social media and video. Ongoing online conversation is a feature of this section, with a series of ‘book sprints’ providing ideas and input into emerging content.

  2. Collaboration in action. This section celebrates examples of collaboration from the greater Christchurch area, showcasing it as a city of opportunities and creativity. Local case studies include education, health, businesses, not-for-profit organisations, social networks and communities. In particular, examples focus on the impact of the earthquakes in accelerating the nature of collaboration. 

    Examples from other places will be woven into this section, with the focus on exploring themes regarding collaboration from a futures perspective. Emerging themes will be used to help readers identify what works and what gets in the way. Are there differences in generations? What is the role of technology? What is worth collaborating about?

  3. Moving forward. The final section of the book explores ways in which the themes can be applied. It will include practical suggestions for getting started, tools for collaboration and links to other resources.

The book is a ‘work in progress’ so the final format is emergent. There will be collaborations at various stages throughout the book, based on the assumption that you can’t write a book about collaboration alone. Social media will be used as an ongoing conversation. Experts in collaboration will also be asked to comment on content and offer advice/ideas, rather than to contribute chapters – the rich conversations matter.

A small ‘collab’ of close associates will comment on draft chapters and layout in googledocs. Impact Collaboration will be available as a self-published print-on-demand book and as an ebook.

If you wish to be part of the collaboration in any form, please contact us at:



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