Think Beyond explores leadership trends, identifies leadership challenges for the future and supports organisations to take action to grow leaders and organisations with future focused capabilities.

We help you develop your own systems to identify 'weak signals' that may affect your organisation, and to aggregate ideas. A typical process we use is as follows:

  • Sense - explore your current environment
  • Aggregate - pool ideas
  • Interpret - establish themes
  • Monitor - decide what to focus on systematically
  • Act - move strategic thinking to action

We encourage you to make better use of data, move out of silos and develop a regular system of monitoring impact on your corporate identity.

Think Beyond focuses on supporting organisations to challenge thinking and to connect with ideas they may not have considered in the past. What this can mean in practice is:

  • meeting with senior leaders to determine the needs of the organisation.
  • exploration of organisational documents and how these align with a future focus.
  • asking lots of questions.
  • linking some of the current trends in leadership to your situation.
  • designing a plan to work with you or your team to explore new possibilities, scan the environment and develop a preferred future.
  • holding you accountable!



Our past is important in order to connect dots and provide our current sense of who we are and where we have come from. 

Exploring trends and signals helps us to see what might be, and to act rather than react. We can't predict the future but we can be agents of change.

The present is where we weave the past and future into the tapestry of today.