Cheryl speaks internationally on leadership for the future.  She considers the exponential changes facing the world - a world of complexity and increased overload. In 2017 Cheryl will focus on exponential technologies; adaptive leadership and complexity. 

The chocolate mousse of Collaboration

Collaboration has played a key role in the post-earthquake Christchurch recovery, with key messages that we can all learn from. This keynote and workshop shares themes from 35 Christchurch leaders in a range of industries and services. Why would you start from scratch when there are lessons to be learnt and profound examples of success?

This is an in-depth look into aspects of culture and process that lead to successful collaboration, and the enabling factors that support the development of collaboration within an organisation, between organisations and across sectors. It includes:

      • stories of success and lessons learnt
      • time to analyse your collaborative context
      • practical ideas to support collaboration

#learningecosystem: Implications for Education

It is time to rethink learning, education and schooling. The exponential growth of knowledge, the explosion of technology, the increased pressure on the planet and issues of equity are just some of the forces that are impacting on the world of education. Education is a  #learningecosystem, constantly changing, connected and complex. The parts need to talk to each other and we need to let go of models of past thinking, where they are no longer fit for purpose. 

This presentation considers eight changes affecting education in the landscape of the future. You will be introduced to the eight key themes of organisational change and some of the implications for education.  A focus on a #learningecosystem challenges us to disrupt our current models and assumptions to change ... or become irrelevant.

A follow up workshop is available to consider the implications for your organisation; to identify what needs to be amplified and what needs to be dampened; and to develop some key actions for future focus.

Adaptive Leadership is also recommended as a follow up 1-2 day programme.  Adaptive Leadership: Pause, Pivot, Play will introduce you to the skills and capabilities needed to thrive in a world of complexity, messiness and exponential change.


The landscape of change is more complex than ever. The exponential growth of knowledge and the explosion of technology are two key drivers of this change. What are the emerging themes for leaders? What are the implications for leadership at all levels? How can organisations look outwards, value the contribution of a new generation of workers, and pivot to remain viable?

This keynote shares the eight key themes of organisational change that leaders must understand and value in order to lead for the future:

      • authentic
      • personalised
      • connected
      • open
      • ethical
      • adaptive
      • agentic
      • collaborative

Cheryl will share practical examples of each theme and explore the implications for you, in your setting.



Our world is continually changing. As it does we must alter our patterns of leadership accordingly. 

Sometimes this means abandoning old practices and at others it involves amplifying capabilities that are required for leadership in the future.

Our work in scanning the horizon has identified four critical leadership focuses that are necessary for survival in the next five years:

  •  Self regulated leadership
  • Adaptive leadership
  • Networked leadership
  • Ethical leadership

This keynote explores these four game changers, identifying the features of each, exploring the urgent imperative for change, and providing practical strategies for keeping you SANE.

Note that this keynote can also be followed up with specific, tailored workshops on each of these four leadership capabilities.




While we can't predict the future we can influence its direction. We must determine our preferred future and take deliberate action to pinning down that future.

Cheryl will step you through:

  • environmental scanning to identify your current landscape
  • a scenario planning process that moves through possibilities to preferred future
  • stepping through your preferred future to pin down deliberate next steps
  • identification of signals to monitor so you maintain organisational agility

An introduction to this process can be held over a half day period. Follow up work can be organised to explore forward momentum in greater depth. See consultancy for more information.


STrategic conversations: exploring the three horizons


This 1-2 day programme steps leaders through the three horizons process - from now, into transition, and extending into the future. During this programme you will be guided through a six step process for moving forward:

  • Sustaining business as usual
  • Creating an ideal future system
  • Exploring the seeds of the future that are already growing
  • Creating new links towards transformation
  • The core to be maintained
  • Decommissioning the baggage 

Cheryl will challenge you to think strategically about your organisation and your unique context. By the end of the programme you will have an overview of your strategic direction for the next 3-5 years.

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