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Think Beyond work with their clients as a bridge and connector. We do this by bridging the gap between your needs and connecting this with our expertise to help you understand the real world implications of the challenges ahead.

By exposing you to futures thinking, complex change and leadership — but in such a way that poses these big challenges in practical ways — we are able to position you to leave with new ideas and strategies that are able to be immediately implemented.

We tailor our experience to your needs and openly share our expertise so you are empowered to do what you need to do to succeed.

Our clients are more than just an invoice number — they are partners that we work alongside to Think Beyond today.

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Cheryl Doig of Think Beyond

Latest in Leadership

  • Learning Futures: Ōtautahi in Action

    June 16, 2020

    My passion for futures thinking began when I was 19. I was a student, working on weekends and holidays to fund my teacher training. One Saturday an American visitor started a conversation with me, a conversation about aspirations for the future. During my lunch hour he presented me with a book that has continued to impact me throughout the decades. That book was of course, Future Shock.

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  • Digital Learning 2025

    May 10, 2020

    The following Reflection from the Future is a provocation for equity of access to digital technologies for our rangatahi, our young people. It is intended as a thought piece to create a conversation, not as a blueprint for the future. It’s important to be thinking about this now though, as schools step forward to onsite learning once more. There is an opportunity right now to think differently. It requires us all to work together. What happens in 2025 depends on what we do now. 

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  • Reflections on The Future is Now

    May 1, 2020

    Like many, I have been wondering what the future might hold. I am inundated with ideas, resources and online meetings and with this comes the need to sensemake. I like to sit back and draw on some of the credible sources of information and then synthesise by writing and connecting ideas. This post is my synthesis of a recent discussion paper, The Future is Now: Implications of COVID-19 for New Zealand released in April 2020 by Koi Tū. In this article, written by Sir Peter Gluckman and Dr Anne Bardsley, there were some key themes that stood out for me.

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  • Levers of Change

    April 19, 2020

    In these times of unprecedented change we oscillate between making sense of the here and now and considering new possibilities for change. For those of us in Christchurch, Ōtautahi we have experienced nearly a decade of these oscillations, with earthquakes, fires, the mosque terror attack and now a pandemic. We have moved from crises that are localised to those that impact us on the global stage. There is no 'new normal'.

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