About Us

“Why engage us? Because we are experts at taking information, trends and ideas and making them real and practical. We can facilitate change processes and help people work collaboratively.”

Professional foresight practices are at the heart of our work.

Think Beyond works with you to create your preferred future. 

We do this by anticipating new possibilities and by being curious about everything. We genuinely want to help you make a positive difference to the world.

We thrive on networking and collaboration; working on design for people, with people.

We help support the growth of leaders who are adaptive influencers for social good.

We tell it like it is and lead by example. We are generous with our knowledge and pride ourselves on tailoring what we do to best support where you want to be.


Dr Cheryl Doig

Why me? Because I  encourage people to scan beyond their own thinking and synthesise information to inform a fresh new future state”

Cheryl is a leadership futurist who sees exponential technologies as an opportunity to amplify human characteristics. She loves challenging organisations to think differently in order to adapt to a rapidly changing and complex world.

Cheryl has a diverse background underpinned by learning and leadership. She sees things as systems and networks and consequently is more likely to introduce you to ideas outside your own silo or industry.

Cheryl’s strengths lie in adaptive leadership, design thinking, exponential change and complexity. She considers herself a social activist with the ability to drive collective impact using her innate ability to build networks. She is a weaver and connector. She is affectionately known as the futures aunty.

Cheryl is involved in a number of strategic governance roles.  She is also a co-organiser of the Future of Learning and a foundation trustee of the Learning City Christchurch Charitable Trust, Ako Ōtautahi.

David Duffy 

David Duffy brings wisdom and depth to Think Beyond.  He maintains the systems for the organisation, and is to ‘go to’ person for any questions, bookings and account queries.


Think Beyond has a strong network of associates who help us deliver our work when diverse talents are required to support change for the better. Members of the Ōtautahi Futures Collective provide a diverse network of colleagues who can work together on diverse projects.

We choose these partners carefully because we know that relationships matter. Cheryl also values her ongoing connection with Leadership Lab.


Recent Examples

2021 Futures Festival presentation

2021 Ako Ōtautahi Learning Days Highlights

Cheryl Doig