Our approach to challenging leaders to think for the future is based upon our founding principle of congruency: of upholding ethical beliefs and behaviour, and of working with thought leaders who share and support our beliefs of equity and social justice.

We will help you to consider the future more consciously and create the future more effectively. It requires commitment and courage.

We choose partners carefully because we know that relationships matter. Sometimes Cheryl works alone as Think Beyond, but more often she is involved with networked projects that require diverse talents working together to support change for better.

Think Beyond is unashamedly focused on the future but we are grounded in today. We work with you, supporting you to do your own work – because you live and breathe your context on a daily basis.

And of course we carry the past with us as we create the future.

Kia whakatōmuri te haere whakamua

I walk backwards into the future with my eyes fixed on the past