3D printing: Disruption or hype?

The WordThe "Bald" and the beautiful....

3d printing.  It has become one of the buzz words of 2013.  It has been described as the next big disruption. This series of blog posts will explore 3d printing in more detail, particularly in terms of its links with leadership for the future. What is it a signal of? How should leaders respond?

Think Beyond focuses on making connections with the needs of future leaders, so the posts will build on each other using a Here’s What – So What – Now What approach as follows:

The Word: Exposure to some of the ideas and vocabulary of the 3D world and asking you to explore these ideas.

The Definition: Providing more detail about 3D printing, sharing links to explore in more detail.

The Themes: What seem to be the big ideas that relate to 3D printing?

The Implications: What might these 3D printing themes mean for leadership in the future?

The Actions: What are the practical ways in which leaders can connect with these ideas now?

In this first post of the series I want to explore some of the terms connected with 3D printing. Make a start by working with others to answer the following questions:

Vocab builder:

1. What do each of these words mean and what is their link with 3D printing?

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Patient Specific Cranial Device
  • Biological lego
  • Micromasonry

2. How big is a nanometer?

3. What is the link between 3D printing and

  • Beauty, the bald eagle
  • Regenerative medicine

4. What is bio ink and will it work in my pen?

Check out some of the answers in the next blogpost: 3D Printing: Here’s What (the link will be live when the next blogpost is published).

Image: Keven Law via Compfight Creative Commons License

2 comments on “3D printing: Disruption or hype?
  1. Thanks for your comments Mark. I agree it is a huge topic and I hope people will take the opportunity to find out more. My future posts will lead to connections with leadership and how people should be aware of what is happening around them. I’d really like to hear more about your thoughts. Can you expand on your ideas and experiences?

  2. This topic is huge! Please do not talk down the benefits of prototyping! The environment and the very core of human endeavour can be totally rethought before students even leave school, by the simple interaction of parts! Think back, where did fire come from?

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