Beyond a Playbook

Wouldn’t it be great if we could go to a workshop, read a book or check out a blog which explained clearly how to do things in uncertain times? A recipe or playbook? Unfortunately there is no playbook to get us through these complex times. We often just need to figure out things as we go because complexity surrounds us. That is why being adaptive is key.I’ve always been a fan of Heather McGowan’s work and have often recommended  The Adaptive Challenge, a book she co-authored with Chris Shipley. Heather has a clear way of sharing the changes in learning and work. I encourage you to check out her frameworks.

I also really enjoyed the conversation between Heather McGowan and Nancy Giordano, as shown in the video below. Some of the interesting conversations:

  • The increased focus on being status fluid
  • Psychological safety in a virtual environment
  • Learning for life
  • Tacit and implicit knowledge

Their conversations about learning, education and the world of work were really interesting. I am also going to explore some further work from the Femme Futurists Society as there are lots of great interviews to explore. My ‘find’ of the week.

For more thoughts on being adaptive check out my blogpost on being an X shaped learner.

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