Blended Workforce: Are You Ready?

Over the last week I have been linking the Randstad World of Work Research with key challenges for leadership in the future. One of the clear patterns is the growing importance of contextual leadership. I define this as the changing role of leaders in an increasingly diverse workforce. Gen Z’ers are already joining the workforce as young entrepreneurs.

At Think Beyond, we really value the input of Daniel Coats. as a leader and expert. Age should be no barrier in a future focused organisation.

At the same time our mature workforce will stay with us into their 70s and 80s. This intergenerational diversity will add richness to the workforce – and also create new challenges. Those with more years of work history will need to be prepared to share leadership and to listen to those who may be 50 years younger or more. And those of Gen Z will have the opportunity to learn from the accumulated experiences of baby boomers, Gen X and Y. More than ever, relationships will be key. Reciprocal mentoring will provide opportunities for intergenerational learning and sharing. How will you intentionally grow these opportunities in your organisation?

The slideshare presentation below addresses this, and other trends in leadership for the future.

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