Cognitive computing

As technology continues to grow rapidly we will be faced with some interesting dilemmas as humans. In order to develop leaders to cope with these challenges we will need to instil a high degree of ethical leadership in them. As computers begin sensing things for themselves, predicting your needs and interacting with their environments, it will be increasingly difficult to determine the boundaries between humans and machines.

This IBM video shows just some of the changes that are already being refined and will be readily accessible to organisations soon.

Are we becoming too dependent on technology? What will the implications be for you and your organisation?

Leaders need to be aware of the trends and also to engage their teams in conversation about future pathways. Ethical leadership is about considering the pros and cons of changes you might introduce – considering how you can keep developing your organisation while still maintaining a strong sense of social justice and a consideration of the ‘greater good’. Consider the unintended consequences and help the leaders of the future to consider these also.

Image credit: [mementosis] via Compfight

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