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March 1st was World Futures Day. Whoop – what an important celebration in our increasingly complex world. For the last nine years the Millennium Project has coordinated a 24-hour, round-the-world conversation. Aotearoa New Zealand was first off the ranks and Ōtautahi Futures Collective joined the celebration!

Stephanie Pride, the New Zealand Co-Chair, Millennium Project, Australasian Node coordinated the hour starting with a very interesting conversation around the NZ Government’s Long Term Insights Briefings in conversation with and Diane Owenga. Following that, three of our  Ōtautahi Futures Collective team, Hafsa Ahmed, Ben Reed and I, had the privilege of sharing our journey and discussing how having some futures experience has helped us personally and professionally.

One of the benefits of sharing widely and growing an ecosystem of futures thinkers is that new connections inevitably result. Following our online session Sue Synder, President of The Knowledge Network LLC  in Annapolis, Maryland contacted Ben, who is the Managing Director of Hamilton Jet. Ben was able to share the 18 questions he co-created for his company futures sessions, which he used in a face to face session with his staff here in Ōtautahi and then rolled out across his global teams. Here are two of the facilitated questions he used:

  1. What is a typical career / employment experience like in 2040?
  2. What does our global support network look like and how does it work in 2040?

Sue then shared questions that had come out of her discussions with teams she has been working with, for example:

  1. What does the customer’s future look like?

I love this ability to share globally and learn from each other. Now we all have some new ideas to use and to modify for our own contexts. Being a part of futures networks is one way of continually activating our futures muscles!

Futures Activator

My World Futures Day closed facilitating a Futures Activator Hui – online but locally formed. This group of ten diverse people will join the Ōtautahi Futures Collective in a month or so and become part of the wider network of futures literate locals who want to continue to grow futures mindsets, capabilities and skills. At this week’s Futures Activator hui we explored the ways in which futures wheels could enhance our practice using Miro in our teams to complete some forced choice futures wheels. We had some great conversations!

My passion for collective impact, learning ecosystems and futures thinking collide in this space. I finished the day with a real sense of connection to all the good that exists in our world and right now that seems more important than ever.

He aha te mea nui i te ao? He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata

What is the most important thing in the world? Tis people, tis people, tis people

Interested in finding out more about how you can be part of a Futures Activator programme or opportunities to gain more knowledge of foresight, futures studies or community foresight? Let us know:

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