Entrepreneurs at 50

Exponential technologies are having an increasing affect on the world of work. It is more common to have 3-4 generations in the workforce where typically two were dominant. In this changing work environment there is an increasing need to value multiple ages of thinking and to expect people of 50 and beyond to contribute as partners in innovation. Don’t be fooled in calling this age group olderpreneurs. Many are percolating new ideas and have no plans for retirement. Retirement is such an old way of thinking. Welcome to the Experienced Economy.

It’s time to appreciate those over 50 and for those over 50 to push their own boundaries!


There is an increase in those who have portfolio careers, sometimes referred to as one person/multiple roles. This is linked to the growing trend towards freelancing, hanging out in co-working spaces and connecting to talent marketplaces. When you are 50 or over there are many opportunities, provided that you are willing to explore new possibilities and can connect with wider networks. Attitude is fundamental. Entrepreneurs come in all shapes, sizes and ages. They are willing to take risks and use their skills and talents.

If you’re looking for any final inspiration, or thinking you might be ‘past it’ look no further than Dushan Wang. Dushun Wang, now in his 80th year, is the world’s oldest model. At 50 he was a drifter, by 57 he had returned to the stage, and by 79 he was on the catwalk! He says that in order to prepare for this day he had been getting ready for 60 years. It is about exploring your own potential and the skills that you can build on.

No-one can keep you from success but yourself.   – Dushan Wang

The benefit of age is that we have had lots of time to learn from mistakes. Now it’s time to push the boundaries. I think I am almost ready. What about you?

One comment on “Entrepreneurs at 50
  1. Cheryl, we met in Accra Ghana in 2013 ALISA conference
    I enjoyed your classes.
    I am going to be 55 this year and still jobless. How about that.
    Then in NZ any person above 55 gets a zero score in your migrant skill scale.
    So, it kind of negate what is being spoken of here in your blog.
    . Sincere regards

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