Future of Learning 2019 Reflections

The Future of Learning conference 2019 is now over but the real work is yet to begin. At the end of the conference I challenged people to #acceptthenudge and to take action. After attending a conference it is important to percolate ideas, to follow up with new relationships and to dig more deeply into  areas of particular interest. If we all make one small positive change we can gain collective momentum. So here are some of the links to my conference notes and presentations. I hope they jog you into action…

During my opening ‘setting the scene” I talked about:

The video below features my setting the scene conversation.

I have also jotted down some extra thoughts and links on my LinkedIn page:


Check out the links and keep in touch. I am now planning my 2020 year so let me know if I can help in any way that progresses transformational change, strategic foresight or scanning the future. Leadership thinking for the future.


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