Futures Aunty meets the metaverse

You know that the metaverse is a hot topic, a heap of hype right now don’t you? I’ve made it my goal to find out what the heck the metaverse is all about – my own personal learning journey for the year. So with that in mind I have set up a YouTube channel called Futures Aunty meets the metaverse. This will be my conversation place, a place where I reflect on the ways in which the metaverse might practically impact on my multigenerational family, my friends, people and planet. The aim is to keep it simple so while it connects to my ‘day job‘ in the futures space, it’s more of a playground, a hobby and a place to download insights.

You can check out some starting thoughts in this introductory video and follow my channel to keep up to date.

Metaverse framework

I’ve started by doing heaps of reading about the metaverse and I’ve decided to frame my journey in two parts – how we can practically use the metaverse in the future space and how we can create things in the metaverse. My exploration will keep four considerations top of mind, with guiding questions to keep me grounded.

So here is the infographic showing my way of exploring the metaverse.

It is early days for Futures Aunty meets the metaverse, but I have some topics already in development including What is the Metaverse, Is the Metaverse a Filter Bubble, Acronyms of the Metaverse, Fun with non-fungibles….you get the drift. I aim to cover a whole lot of different ideas and get you to contribute. So please sign up to the YouTube channel as that is the only real (virtual) space that you will find the Futures Aunty.

Sidenote: If you wonder how I came to have the affectionate title of Futures Aunty the credit goes to friend and amazing colleague Lex Davis who wrote a lovely email to me at the end of last year:

Thank you for your invitation, mentorship and gentle support in the futures space – it has been one of my inspiration sources this year! You are so generous in your encouragement and knowledge 🙂 You’re my futures aunty and I appreciate you.

So I guess the label has stuck!


4 comments on “Futures Aunty meets the metaverse
  1. Thanks Lex. So glad to be considered as whanau. I couldn’t wish for a better nephew! This metaverse journey will certainly need all hands on deck and it has definitely put me back in the uncomfortable space – from learning to vlog and also in the space of not knowing. I think our social media spaces are often used to set us up as experts when what we might need more of right now is sharing our mistakes and non-expertise! So glad I have lots of people to learn alongside and grow with.

  2. Tēnā koe Futures Aunty! My aunties are an amazing and inspirational force to be reckoned with! That’s why Aunty is totally right for you 🙂
    Love learning with you and the group!
    Ka aroha, Futures nephew

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