Global connectedness

Last night I had the privilege of talking with a group of parents about the sort of education they wanted for their children and future generations. One of the recurring themes was the importance of being able to connect globally. This is about developing personal and professional networks of all ages across many places. Their thinking was that if people had more opportunity to interact with different people they may become more tolerant and more culturally intelligent.

Cultural intelligence is a key growth area in leadership so I agreed with them that this should be fostered from a young age.

One of the schools that I follow is the Think Global School – a secondary school that moves to different cities around the world, learning from the local environment and immersing themselves in the local culture. Here is what student their have to say about global thinking:

Of course not all students have the privilege to be able to attend this school. However, the use of technology means that students now have the opportunity to engage with people from around the world and to collaborate with projects that truly make a difference to others.

It’s not just students that want to work on social justice, environmental and global projects. Organisations that encourage and support their staff to undertake such work are in hot demand. Check out some research on this from Net Impact. We all want to make a difference!

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