High Performance Talent

Jumping Silhouettes [Explored #420 02-21-2012]Organisations are struggling to find, engage and keep talent. In order to meet the increasingly diverse needs of staff we must get feedback on a regular basis, not rely on once-a-year engagement surveys. High performance talent is grown by high performance cultures.

Organisations that attract and retain people have some key features.  There are some clear signals…

The checklist below contains a summary of the key ideas that will support high performance talent. This summary is a synthesis of some of the latest global reports on leadership and the world of work. I am hoping it will be useful for those of you who really want to be future focused. You might like to use it to reflect on your current environment and identify next steps.

I’d appreciate hearing how your organisation is planning to meet the needs of a changing workforce. What are your experiences?

Future focused leadership is a critical element in developing high performance talent. Leaders must ensure that staff growth programs are challenging, engaging and intentional. They must create pathways that vary depending on the needs of the individual and the organisation. Context really matters. And so does flexibility and customisation.

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