Schools for the underprivileged

Last weekend I had the privilege of working with a group of educational volunteers who are preparing to work in India, supporting untrained teachers to teach. They will be heading off in another month to work with seven schools. These schools serve the underprivileged in remote areas, in slums and in the city areas. They have limited resources yet they treat their work as a privilege. It is certainly a privilege to learn alongside them.

The Rata Teachers Support Trust does a great job in working with these schools. It provides a constant reminder that education can open many doors and can be the only possible way to squeeze through the door of poverty. It is a way of working against corruption. One small ripple in a system can amplify to create a movement. If you haven’t read James Tooley’s book The Beautiful Tree, it is a must read. Tooley’s research in India, Nige­ria, Ghana, Kenya and China found that there are very many low-cost pri­vate schools oper­at­ing in even extremely poor areas. He provides research to back up his findings – it is not a work of fiction, but data and reality.

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