Shaping Education

The Ministry of Education has just launched its website for Shaping Education in Christchurch, New Zealand, following the earthquakes that have devastated the area over the last year. The website is a really positive step, however it does need creative and innovative thinking to lead to the changes needed. So let everyone know that they should have a say and that they should check out the links that are provided on the site.

Over the next few posts, I will be making links to some of the models that might become reality. Some of these ideas link to the Concept Plan developed by our Shaking Up Christchurch Education (SUCE) network. The plan provides one scenario based on the idea of learning hubs, a federated learning model and schools that might specialise and collaborate.

Another model to consider is the Studio School, as explained in a recent TED Talk. Geoff Mulgan describes the work of The Young Foundation, an organisation that melds insights, innovation and entrepreneurship together to explore new possibilities. The question they asked was: “What kind of schools would teenagers fight to get in to not fight to stay out?” They developed a model of small schools that linked learning to the real world, with students engaged in authentic learning opportunities, and where relationships were key. Doesn’t sound new does it? And of course it’s not but it is not pervasive in education. Should it be? Check out the TED Talk and decide for yourself.

I am interested in Geoff’s final comments about ideas spreading through the use of networks. This is certainly a way in which tribes are grown and ideas are amplified. We should never underestimate the power of networks.

There are other schools that may have some common features. Check out:

What other models have you come across? In what ways do they support learning? Of whom?

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