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Beyond a Playbook

Wouldn’t it be great if we could go to a workshop, read a book or check out a blog and it told us how to do things in uncertain times? A recipe or playbook? Unfortunately there is no playbook to get us through these complex times. We just needed to figure out as we went. That is why being adaptive is key.

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Unlearning: Is it a thing?

I keep coming back to this idea of unlearning. Some of my colleagues say there isn’t such a thing – it is all part of the learning process. I have a different viewpoint. Unlearning is a critical skill needed for us to survive as individuals and as a species. It is a deliberate act that seeks to make changes to our thinking, our actions and our being. In a world of great uncertainty where pandemics, extreme weather patterns and climate change are accelerating we need to sit back, reflect and take deliberate action. That is, we need to unlearn.

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