Technology Matters: Hyperconnectivity

The Global Technology Report 2012 provides a comprehensive assessment of the preparedness of economies to leverage the networked economy. In reading the report, I reflected on the relationship between its findings and the the growing importance of networked leadership. In an increasingly global environment leaders do need to be connected and to be contextually aware.

Since I live in New Zealand, it made sense for me to explore the Global Technology Report through a New Zealand filter.  Although New Zealand was identified as having one of the most conducive environments for the successful development and leveraging of ICTs, readiness is simply not enough. The report also highlighted the price of mobile data and broadband as a barrier for our country. If schools and businesses are to thrive in New Zealand the development of ICTs requires even greater attention than ever – affordability is letting us down.

Networked leaders understand that we work in a global environment, where one small ripple in one part of the system can result in huge changes elsewhere. They also know that hyperconnectivity makes us competitive and collaborative. In New Zealand affordability is holding us back – and yet as a fairly isolated, small country we need technology to remain competitive.

Check out the report and see where your country stands. How will results help and hinder leadership in a hyperconnected world?



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