Think Differently in 2013

There are new opportunities – are you willing to lead in new directions? To think differently? To mix together two ideas that seem not to fit? 2013 is the year of courageous leadership, where we all look to the future and stop holding onto those cherished ideas that have no place in today’s thinking. What are some ideas to let go of? Here are some suggestions:

What if we:

We all have our own view of the world, our own assumptions and our own histories. In order to be courageous leaders we need to understand our own world view and push beyond this. In the video below, Israeli inventor Izhar Gafni uses origami techniques and his multiple design experience to create a cardboard bicycle. People said it was impossible. He had the courage and tenacity to ask, “What would it look like if it could be done?” And so the cardboard bicycle became a reality.

In Christchurch, New Zealand we are building a cathedral out of cardboard. Seem like a silly idea? Of course it has its share of critics. It took courage to turn the possibility into a reality. The finished cathedral will be a six storey A frame made of cardboard tubes, will seat over 700 people and will last 50 years or more.

Earlier this week I tweeted the following question: If we don’t take risks as leaders, how can we expect others to do so? 2013 is the year for courageous leadership. What will you do this year to challenge your own assumptions and to create the future you desire?

Photo credit: nate bolt via Compfight

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