Ōtautahi Futures Collective


The Ōtautahi Futures Collective provides an opportunity for Ōtautahi Christchurch people with experience in futures thinking/strategic foresight to come together.

The collective exists to:

  • share ideas and keep developing skills
  • collaborate on projects that grow futures literacy across the city and beyond.

The braided river

Our metaphor for working together is the braided river, a unique feature of our local area where the Waimakariri and Rakaia Rivers live and influence our being.  Just as the braided river spreads, converges and diverges so do we. The collective is ever changing and reflects the cycles and systems of the world around us. It asks questions about upstream effects, unintended consequences and world views.

Photo credit: Braided River –  @Jewlszee OK.jpg downloaded from https://toolkit.christchurchnz.com/assets/311414

Ōtautahi Futures Collective was established in 2021 by those who took part in a Futures Studies course developed by Sohail Inayatullah. This group was sponsored by Think Beyond, with fortnightly conversations online and opportunities to interact with guest speakers and grow skills together.

Our collective

Our growing braided channels are as follows:

Cheryl Doig Tamara Yuill Proctor
Josh Hough Bree Fick
Erica Austin-Knopp Ben Reed
Chris Habinshuti Kit Hindin
Grace de Leon Sonny Taite
Garry Williams Regina Speer
Sheralee McDonald Tom Beaumont
Gretchen McFadden Diego Muller
Anna Stevenson Kirsty Allott
Eruera Tarena Joana Kuntz
Eduard Liebenberger Lex Davis

New members to the collective:

aimee whitcroft
Andy McIntosh
Sophie McInnes
Alicia Poroa
Nick Edwards
Kayleigh Gilkes
Elle Archer
Hafsa Ahmed
Jill Borland
Briana Te Haara-Barr

We come from a range of different industries, backgrounds and passions. If you want to know more about our collective you can contact us. If you are just beginning your journey you might want to check out the Become a Futurist course as a great place to start.