Our Work

Our clients are partners that we work alongside to think beyond today. By exposing you to futures thinking, complex change and leadership — but in such a way that poses these big challenges in practical ways — we are able to position you to leave with new ideas and strategies that are able to be immediately implemented.

Our clients are progressive thinkers who want to keep abreast of changes in the world. Think Beyond helps them to challenge their thinking and draw their own conclusions.

We help clients identify and then navigate towards their preferred future.


We thrive on using futures thinking and strategic foresight skills to “do” leadership (and not just talk about it). Our  focus is on contributing at a systems and strategic level, in an equitable, sustainable way and to best support future generations to be leaders and guardians.

Engaging Think Beyond means you are ready to work in ways you have never thought possible. Cheryl and her team work as advocates, challengers and wranglers. They won’t just tell you how it should be based on theory, they will show you how it can be in practice and support you to translate this to your context.

By this, we mean we work with clients to encourage adaptive leadership styles and “thinking at the edge”. We help you understand the complexity of change and drive you to think beyond the status quo, using foresight strategies and design principles.

This includes:

  • environmental scanning
  • foresight planning
  • scenario creation
  • preferred futures

Cheryl has had the privilege of working with some leading organisations, including Grow Waitaha and Endometriosis New Zealand. Check out our testimonials section for more.


Cheryl provides new materials on futures thinking, complex change and leadership and uses big ideas in practical ways.”

Cheryl speaks internationally on leadership for the future.  She exposes the exponential changes facing the world – a world of complexity and increased overload.

Cheryl is available to speak on futures thinking; strategic foresight; adaptive leadership; and complexity. She shares some of the latest signals that businesses, schools and organisations should be aware of and makes connections back to you and your workplace.

See more details on presentations available and contact us if you would like to know more about Cheryl’s speaking availability. 


“Our passion is interacting with people who genuinely want to make a positive difference to the world.”

Cheryl’s governance strengths lie in being able to ask different questions, questions that challenge the status quo. She prides herself on leading by example and expecting nothing less than ethical, inclusive behaviour.  

Cheryl is active on a number of key governance boards, all of which have a focus on supporting future generations, (especially young women) to be leaders and guardians for the future.

Current governance roles include:

Past roles include Board Chair of the NZ Brain Research Institute and NZ Institute of Management. She has also been an Establishment Board member of three schools – Haeata Community Campus; Discovery 1 and Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti (now merged as Ao Tawhiti) and a trustee for Limitless.

Feel free to contact us if you have a governance role available that could benefit from Cheryl’s future focused, equitable approach.