Growing Futures Literacy

A second cohort has now worked with Cheryl to learn more about futures thinking and strategic foresight. It’s such a privilege to work with such a diverse group of people, to make some new friends and create new opportunities together. The network is going from strength to strength and is exploring ways that multiple talents and world views can be used by the wider business community. Check out the full group and our metaphor for working together.

Futures 101 Ōtautahi Christchurch

This is a critical time for us to consider the alternative futures before us, to decide what futures we prefer and proactively navigate forward. The established disciplines of futures studies and foresight practices provide us with tools, skills, strategies and mindsets to help engage with the future and its uncertainties.

Think Beyond sponsored 12 Ōtautahi Christchurch leaders to learn more about futures thinking and the world of strategic foresight.   Next steps – the creation of  a local network.


Those selected took part in an online programme called Become a Futurist: Futures 101 led by respected futurist Dr Sohail Inayatullah. Details of the programme can be found at

Futures studies seeks to help individuals and organizations better understand the processes of change so that wiser preferred futures can be created.

While the programme itself is self paced, participants connected on a regular basis to share ideas and consider ways in which strategic foresight might be used in our city. This conversation and connection was led by Dr Cheryl Doig, a futurist based in Ōtautahi, Christchurch. We also had a number of experts zooming into our meetings to share their expertise.

Details about the team of 12 can be found at

The Meta Future course has been an incredible opportunity. It has provided me strategies to look at past and current trends to now develop a preferred future. Previously, I would use the word ‘change’. Having a shared language and strategies to look at the future when making decisions or planning is incredibly valuable. What I am particularly enjoying on this learning journey is the community of practice Cheryl has created with people across industry in Otautahi/Christchurch. The ability to share this knowledge and journey with others across our city can help us build our Learning City.  I am very grateful for this opportunity and appreciate the scholarship to participate in this program.

Future of Learning articles and webinars

Latitude magazine has commissioned the writing of eight articles on secondary schooling in our local context. Cheryl co-authors these with Leadership Lab colleague Chris Jansen. Latitude is a premium magazine owned and operated by passionate, local, Canterbury people with a new issue every 2 months packed full of interesting features.

Latitude education article #1     Latitude education article #2     Latitude education article #3     Latitude education article #4    Latitude education article #5

Cheryl has also presented as part of the Leaders’ Connect Programme, a fortnightly series of online interactive conversations that support education leaders by creating spaces for sharing, professional support and collective learning. In the following workshop Cheryl and Eru talk about Leading with Equity.

Westpac Women of Influence Finalist

Cheryl was a finalist in the Westpac Women of Influence Awards 2017, in the Innovation and Science Category. The Awards Dinner was held in Auckland on 7 September.

Learning City Christchurch

Our current project explores how Christchurch, Ōtautahi, can become a learning city. This involves connecting learning opportunities across the city – businesses, schools, tertiaries, communities – coming together to make a positive difference to our city. It’s connecting the dots of what is already happening, it’s grass roots initiatives, it’s about equity.

Visit the Learning City Christchurch Charitable Trust website to find out about events and how to get involved.

Learning City Christchurch

The Future of Learning

The Future of Learning is a national event bringing together educators, government, business and community organisations to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities of rapid technology change – to students, to staff and to organisations. We’re entering a period of rapid change and uncertainty, and our goal is to catalyse the systemic change needed to ensure we can adapt successfully.

We will not be running the Future of Learning in 2020 but hope to be back in 2021. Register for our updates at

Destination Christchurch

In August 2019 I had the privilege of co-hosting a week long Edutour with Sydney colleague Anne Knock. Anne is an expert educator, learning designer, speaker and writer with a wealth of experience in running international study tours. There is so much happening in Christchurch, Ōtautahi so it was fabulous to be able to showcase some pretty amazing learning, innovation and collaboration.

Check out Anne’s blog post about the tour.