Cheryl speaks internationally on leadership for the future.  She considers the exponential changes facing the world – a world of complexity and increased overload. In 2019 Cheryl will focus on exponential technologies; adaptive leadership, foresight thinking and complexity.

Future of Learning

Exponential technologies are set to transform learning. We talk about life long learning. We talk about personalising learning for individuals. We talk about job loss. This talk seems to be about change happening to others, not to us personally. The future of learning is about all of us – from cradle to grave. It’s time to act.

Cheryl will share some of the latest signals that businesses, schools and organisations should be aware of and make connections back to you and your workplace. What are the implications and how should you start thinking about your preferred future?

An introduction to Foresight

Acting is hard. However there are some proactive things individuals and organisations can do to prepare for the future. Cheryl will take you through a simple foresight process to start a conversation of why change and how change. Step one involves scanning the environment, to increase awareness of signals and trends and to consider connections you may not have perceived. This is an introduction to a three step process of anticipating, collaborating and activating

Exponential Change: Messy is here to stay

The world is changing rapidly, with technology as a key driver. This makes the role of leadership even more important as we seek to retain our humanity and thrive in an increasingly complex space. We will explore some of the exponential technologies that are changing the world we live in before diving into the implications for the way we lead. Adaptive leadership is needed. This requires us to continuously scan the environment, pivot as needed and weave technology and humanity together in ways that enhance learning and living.

Education as a #learningecosystem

It is time to rethink learning, education and schooling. The exponential growth of knowledge, the explosion of technology, the increased pressure on the planet and issues of equity are just some of the forces that are impacting on the world of education. Education is a  #learningecosystem, constantly changing, connected and complex. The parts need to talk to each other and we need to let go of models of past thinking, where they are no longer fit for purpose. 

This presentation considers eight changes affecting education in the landscape of the future. You will be introduced to the eight key themes of organisational change and some of the implications for education.  A focus on a #learningecosystem challenges us to disrupt our current models and assumptions to change … or become irrelevant.

A follow up workshop is available to consider the implications for your organisation; to identify what needs to be amplified and what needs to be dampened; and to develop some key actions for future focus.

Adaptive Leadership is also recommended as a follow up 1-2 day programme.  Adaptive Leadership: Pause, Pivot, Play will introduce you to the skills and capabilities needed to thrive in a world of complexity, messiness and exponential change.

Collaboration in Uncertain Times

Collaboration is not just a fad. But it’s not always necessary. Cheryl will share lessons learnt about collaboration based on her experiences and conversations in post-earthquake Christchurch. How do we move beyond silos within our organisation? How do we collaborate across communities and industries to create social impact that really makes a positive difference?

Leadership Trends for Organisational Change

The landscape of change is more complex than ever. The exponential growth of knowledge and the explosion of technology are two key drivers of this change. What are the emerging themes for leaders? What are the implications for leadership at all levels? How can organisations look outwards, value the contribution of a new generation of workers, and pivot to remain viable?

This keynote shares the eight key themes of organisational change that leaders must understand and value in order to lead for the future: authentic, personalised, connected, open, ethical, adaptive, agentic and collaborative